Business Buyer

Services available to buy a companyTechnology

Several options for acquiring a company:



Buying a self-managed company

1) Owning company-owned company purchase

  • Self-Managed Sales Process
  • Business buyers will be contacted directly by interested parties via email or telephone
  • Price: free advertisement and no commission


Purchase of company with buyer's mandate

2) Purchase of the company mediated by Bolsa Portugal Negócios

  • Disclosure on purchase interest site
  • Total confidentiality about the actual buyers
  • Research and research of target companies
  • Strategy for minimizing purchase price
  • Reporting of contacts made
  • Risk assessment and management
  • We require a fee for initial expenses and documentation + commission (if successful).

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of each client.


Business and business implementation assistance

3) Advice for creation of own business or acquisition of franchise 

Do you want to make an investment or start a business? We tell you whether the opportunity is feasible and whether the risks are appropriate. The decision to invest affects the lives of people and the family structure; do not invest without having an endorsed opinion.

International search service for buyers and partners

4) Procurement partners and investors

  • International ad insertion
  • Market research of partners or investors
  • Search and analysis of purchase targets
  • Identification of decision makers
  • Customized Placement of Opportunities
  • Realization of personalized, even international contacts


Professional advice to buy companies

We develop merger and acquisition services for companies, foreign investors or for small business owners and individuals.

Buying a company is a professional job. Contact us to advise on the purchase of a company