RedeBrokers® Business Mediator Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics was conceived by the RedBrokers® Advisory Board and is an integral part of the operational concept of the professionals involved in the transactions - Bolsa Portugal Negócios.

Article 1

The Business Ombudsman must keep up with the socio-economic trends that influence business opportunities.

Article 2

The Business Ombudsman must protect himself and refrain from any kind of fraudulent operation, lack of representativeness or lack of professional ethics.

Article 3

The Business Ombudsman should recommend to clients, where necessary, the advice of lawyers, accountants and independent auditors in commercial transactions.

Article 4

The Business Ombudsman must be aware of the financial obligations involved in the transactions he conducts and use all transparency with the parties involved in the transactions.

Article 5

The Business Mediator, accepting his status as the representative of his client, should promote his interests with the utmost fidelity and honesty, maintaining the obligation to serve, in the same way, the other parties involved in the transaction.

Article 6

As long as the Business Ombudsman agrees to broker the transaction, you must only accept financial compensation from one of the parties involved in the deal. However, if it is accepted by both parties, it should clarify the division of remuneration.

Article 7

The Business Ombudsman should not also act as a Consultant, unless those involved in the business are aware of this fact.

Article 8

The list of exclusive companies of the Mediator for its intermediation must be respected by the other Mediators and professionals involved.

Article 9

The Business Ombudsperson should not make commercial assessments that are not within the professional scope of his or her competence.

Article 10

The Business Ombudsperson shall not offer or advertise a business for a fee without the proper consent of the owner. The Mediator must always have a written authorization to sell or buy, including the price of the business, its form of payment, the agreement established and the percentage value of its commission for the intermediation.

Article 11

The decision to buy or sell deals will always be made by the parties responsible for the transaction, exempting the Business Ombudsman from that resolution.

Article 12

The Mediator must keep confidential the business that is mediating, except in cases where the buyer expresses interest in the opposite.

Article 13

The Business Mediator shall conduct his or her activities without prejudice to the other Associate Mediators of RedeBrokers and other Mediators, always cooperating with any investigation, censorship and procedure that may arise from time to time.

Article 14

For the benefit of all members of RedeBrokers, the Business Mediator must be faithful to the purposes of RedeBrokers®, keeping active, without discriminating any person by race, sex or nationality.