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Services for obtaining information

Business Intelligence Services

Much of the information organizations are seeking comes from a variety of sources, from various research techniques, and from research methods. This information can focus on a multitude of organizational aspects, including customer lists, financial contracts, business processes, and trade or industry secrets.

The techniques for obtaining this type of information are commonly referred to as "industrial espionage". Today, we are constantly being monitored without our knowledge, through companies that specialize in the design and structuring of information. This type of information has gained importance in helping managers to make decisions related to:

  • Court lawsuits
  • Financial Information
  • Credit risk and financial problems


We develop professional services that obtain and provide information of a sensitive and confidential nature, almost always very valuable, that focuses on aspects such as:

  • Contact networks, associations and pressure groups
  • Analysis of fraudulent or exaggerated references and credentials
  • Observation of illegal practices
  • Frustration of credits
  • Integrity and reputation assessment
  • Information about customers, suppliers and products
  • Production Secrets
  • Negotiation procedures
  • Management strategies


There are many organizations that, if they can access the knowledge that will enable them to gain a competitive advantage, will certainly use this type of information.

Thus, if there is information that needs to be accessed, we advise its preservation through plans to limit the risk of misappropriation and thus prevent property damage.

To whom do we give this kind of information? To almost all companies and professionals large or small, high or low-tech, industrial or service, whether or not for profit.

Organizations, competing companies, administrators or individual purchasers are the ones who, as a rule, request this type of information. What kind of information is intended? A little bit of everything: product ideas, plans and strategies, marketing plans, vendor or customer lists, sales data, personal information, security system data, social networks, quality, among many other details.

Why are research services needed? The reasons are many:

  • Entry of new competitors into the market
  • More aggressive competition
  • Changing policies that affect business
  • Technological and process change


Business information is a key asset to businesses and therefore very valuable. Transpose the principles of security, availability, integrity and confidentiality to ensure the protection of business success, are decisive factors at the present time.

Having a strategy for obtaining information, a knowledge preservation plan and a data-processing program are key competitive advantages to ensure the long-term sustainability of the