Sale of sugar and alcohol mill

R $ 1 300 000 000
Business Sale


This project was conceived by an entrepreneur from the sugar-energy sector with more than 40 years of experience, whose Greenfield Project was previously studied. With its state-of-the-art Layout built in 70 ha (industry) and 30 ha (automotive) exceeded all expectations and demonstrating its effectiveness in the way it was designed, the sectors were divided by process areas with pre-established functions thus minimizing the movement of people. Its courtyard is controlled by Operations Center and monitored by 200 cameras placed at strategic points whose video center is linked to the owner's office located at 500 km of the plant via the Internet which allows remote control and calls to each sector at no cost. In the search for alternative solutions the company developed new technologies:
AGRICULTURAL - Technicians trained only to take care of the quality of cane, of planting, of seedlings, against pests, like drills, through biological control. Fertilization by means of fertigation and filter cake by already adapted system. Agricultural mechanization in 100% of sugarcane plantations.
Fertigation: about 06 km of coated channels for distribution of ...

Business Operation

Year Established: 1111

Other information

Description of Equipment: Infraestructure:
Central office
Mechanical workshop
Industrial Office
And so much more!
Growth potential: The government of Minas Gerais has ensured an area of ​​130.000 performance of agricultural land for the expansion of the activities of the plant, in case of invasion of space by third parties (plants) the penalties will be large, ie, will lose all incentives, cut financing etc.
It was granted in favor of the plant granting of water abstraction for irrigation in the reservoir (dam) in the order of 4.000.000 liters / hour.
Located at 16 km from the intermodal port (under construction).
Located at 15 Km from the river port.
Located at 15 Km of the railway line (of loads)
Located at 17 Km from Airport (asphalted track of 1.800 mts.)

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