Frozen Foods

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It sells deep frozen company, well structured, with good organization, with good profitability, very turned to the distribution in the channel HORECA. Specialized in deep-sea products, agriculture and others.

Products of producer and importer for distribution, retail with some resale also, but 70% of the business is the horeca channel, in Greater Lisbon (restaurants, bakeries, snacks, nursing homes).

It encompasses 3 companies in total, one for each market itself, but all in the same headquarters and take advantage of the same structure to create synergies and profitability!

We are 1km from Lisbon. Excellent access and other location

Specialists in fish, seafood. cooked cod, potatoes, vegetables, pre-cooked.

Distribution with own fleet in Greater Lisbon and in OutSourcing at national level.


Frozen Foods

Business Operation

Turnover 3
Total Assets:
Annual Results - EBITDA:
Employees: 21
Year Established: 1992

Other information

Description of Equipment: Refrigerated cars, chambers of cold, unique store at national and Iberian level with more than 50 chests of cold, well structured and with synergies that can always improve.

Growth potential: For the next 5 years, it is estimated to exceed 15% annual, in the past 5 has also been higher than 15% annual, in the channel where our 70 business represents 2% are tourists and consumption that continues to grow quite.There are more of XNUMX decades in restoration
Reason for Sale: Health (wife) personal reasons

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