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International Investor Funding

7 500 €
Business Partnerships


We found potential investors for your business.

We offer a customized service: attracting investors and presenting business to companies looking for partners or investors in the international market.

We make personalized contacts with potential investors or business partners more appropriate to your company and strategy.

Fund raising process for investors:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the business opportunity.
  • Elaboration of the professional presentation of the business.
  • Search and rating of investors.
  • Personalized contacts with investors.
  • Feedbackof contacts with investors.
  • Promotion of a meeting between the parties.

To attract capital or attract investors, we require well-established businesses. We support economic, financial, legal, strategic and negotiation of the process.

These services, as a rule, are intended for medium-sized enterprises, require the payment of a membership fee and the conclusion of a mandate contract.

If you have a company or business with profile to attract investors in the international market. machete download of service booklet

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