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I am looking for an investor (with entry into society) for an innovative project in Portugal, with a high business potential in the area of ​​education for children and adolescents.

The company has, within the scope of its operation, 3 large business areas:
- B2C (Owned and franchised units)
- B2B (Contracts with municipalities, schools, colleges and associations)
- Content production (Internal distribution in the network and external sales)

Despite being a recent business, the company already has some clients and strategic partnerships established (exclusively).

Company with very fast expansion potential, and for the moment to close several new units of Franchises in Portugal.

The company is national and has its own registered trademark (not international franchising).

Investor connected to the area of ​​education or with good contacts will be an added value to leverage this business.
More details in meeting to schedule in person.

Preferred meeting place: Porto


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