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The Craazy's Sports Bar concept
The Craazy's brand was created by Portuguese 2 with Portuguese 100% capital and is part of the restaurant sector, more specifically in the Sports Bar sector. Craazy's is present in the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, this being the first house.
At Craazy's Sports Bar, hamburgers, various entrances, pastas, salads, meats and snacks are commercialized, offering a wide range of products to each client, including a variety of desserts, all in a relaxed atmosphere. clients have at their disposal several sports televisions and are always well received by Craazy Girl's.
Craazy's Sports Bar aims to challenge the competition by selling quality products at a fair price, in a clean and friendly space, always with efficiency and speed and with the main focus on customer service.
If you choose to franchise Craazy's Sports Bar you can choose how you want your restaurant to work, always respecting some basic principles of the house, but with the possibility to change some articles in the menu.

At this moment Craazy's Sports Bar is in the process of expansion ...

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