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Revolutionary dental brush 3D of enormous commercial potential and great social impact, will represent a true paradigm break in the segment of oral hygiene.

Dental brush 3D that has everything to conquer an expressive slice in this market so devoid of products that truly facilitate the day to day of anyone in their routine dental hygiene.

The potential for change represented by the 3D dental brush represents the end of the difficulty in maintaining a correct oral hygiene for any individual, regardless of age, but with evident benefits especially for those with greater neuro-motor difficulties, the People with Disabilities , resulting in an evident improvement in the oral health of these individuals and, per table, of systemic health, thanks to the reduction of oral problems leading to an increase in self-esteem, greater functionality in mastication, and other indirect benefits due to greater ease in maintaining a correct oral hygiene.

Being a unique novelty in the market, with users in virtually all age groups and social, it will be of great int ...

Escova3D - innovation

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