Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Business

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Buy or start a business?


Should I buy the company?

The issue inherent in all acquisitions is: How much will I earn with the purchase?
At Bolsa Portugal Negócios we help companies and professionals make the right decision.
Before acquiring a company it is important to study the potential of the acquisition in two perspectives:

About the buyer

  • Will the buyer bring value to the company?
  • Does the buyer have a business plan?
  • Does the buyer have sufficient management capacity and experience?
  • Does the buyer have the financial resources?

About a company

  • Analyze the company's viability
  • Assess and reduce risks
  • Analyze the competition
The purchase or creation of a business is a process that affects the life and future of businesses and families. The value of a project lies essentially in the planning.
The purchase value of a company lies in its preparation and predictability of success.
We architect to create opportunities!
Ask us for an opinion to purchase or start a business.

Trespasse or acquisition of quotas?

Crossing the business or acquiring quotas? These are very different forms of acquisition and involve very different rights, responsibilities and risks. Ask us which ones.


Do I have an entrepreneur profile?


Do I have a profile to lead a company?

Being a businessman is a dream for many but it can also be a martyrdom!
Do I have an entrepreneur profile?
Take the survey and check your profile
  • Am I an entrepreneur?
  • Have I hired or managed people?
  • Do I have management skills?
  • Can I work more than 12 hours a day?
  • Have I evaluated with my family and experts my penchant for an entrepreneur?
  • Do I have a business plan set up?
  • Do not I need to use credit?
  • If I need to, can I get investors on this project?


How much is my company worth?


Tailor made services for the purchase of companies

The value of the company is not the price.
The market determines the price; seller and buyer determine the value.
A buyer only gains interest in a company where he has prospects of earning more than a risk-free interest rate. When you invest, you want your investment to return within 5 to 10 years. Therefore, the company must release a minimum annual income of 10 to 20% to the buyer and with a low level of risk.

Bolsa Portugal Negócios has expert appraisers who carry out an evaluation work designed for those who want to buy. A professional job, absolutely confidential, directed and thought to create value and results to the buyer.


What services to buy companies?



Tailor made services for sale of companies


The experts know that the value of a projectis achieved in the planning phase.
The consequences of buying a business remain and affect many players, requiring careful planning. Therefore, at this stage, all the investment applied in analysis, evaluation and management of the decision will have a return.

From the preparation, acquisition or integration of the business, we generate solutions.

We have free solutions, advice for small investors and specialized services for companies.
Advertisers can advertise their interest in buying a business through the Bolsa de Negócios Business platform, receiving the sales offers directly from the sellers.
This process is free and there are no associated costs.
For small investors or future entrepreneurs, we have advisory services, through counseling, to take the correct steps and assess the inherent risks.

For companies or funds, we present solutions allocated to trading strategies:

  • Selection of parameters (country, sector, size);
  • Preparation of list of potential "targets";
  • Preparation of the approach;
  • Definition of strategy;
  • Research, meetings, discussions, evaluations;
  • Coordination of due diligence;
  • Closing of the transaction;
  • Transition support;

What is the commission for the services?


We share the success of our customers!

Two solutions to buy a company

For Advertisers:

Solution for small investors where there are no publishing costs or other associated! You can place a purchase ad for a company and receive the offers directly from the sellers.

Register as a buyer and receive business opportunities!

Professional solutions:

In this case, the buyer will mandate Bolsa Portugal Negócios to carry out "acquisition services" that will work in the strict defense of the buyer's economic interests.

We identify business opportunities, investigate companies and businesses, structure strategies, meet with buyers, prepare negotiations, assess risks, and prepare due diligence.

Usually, an initial payment is required to prepare the transaction and ensure genuine interest in the acquisition. In the execution of the purchase, the buyer will pay a commission to Bolsa Portugal Negócios, whose value is directly proportional to the value of the company (bought). The hiring of a competent business broker it could be worth a lot of money. Having an experienced professional to be on the side of the buyer can mean buying for a lower price and a financially better structured business to succeed. Many businesses fail because this phase is not properly planned and executed.

Our planning and experience will allow us to reduce acquisition costs and achieve a planned success in the transition and assimilation of the acquisition.

Buying by concealing the true identity of the buyer at an early stage also allows maximizing the value of the business to the buyer!


Do I have to sign a contract?


Various services available

To advertise on Bolsa Portugal Negócios, it is not necessary to make any contract. However, if you need some services offered by Bolsa Portugal Negócios, a service contract must be executed, which may be: purchase mandate, sales mandate or specialized services. As a rule, Bolsa Portugal Negócios does not enter into exclusive contracts, and the client may sell the company by other means, own or by using other brokers.

What Does a Business Broker Do?


Business Broker

What Does a Business Broker Do? O "Business BrokerThe broker is a certified and qualified professional to provide all the advice in the intermediation of the purchase and sale of companies.Develop contacts between buyers and sells, makes presentations of companies, announces the opportunities, and uses the website of Bolsa Portugal Negócios as a platform for dissemination and exchange of information. The broker participates in all stages of the negotiation, from the initial evaluation of the business until its closure , always trying to achieve the objectives of its clients. The broker carries out a serious and confidential work, always aiming at the success of the business.

What prior information do you ask the seller?


What's the first impression?

There is a minimum set of information, which must be requested for prior feasibility analysis:

  • Financial statements of the last 3 years (IES);
  • Report of a credit information agency;
  • Position of leases and leases;
  • Description of existing contracts, representation, franchising, distribution, commissions;
  • Stratified customer information;
  • Information about employees.


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