Search for business partners

Services available to look for partners

Several partner search options:

  • Business Projects
  • Business representations
  • Investors
  • joint Ventures


Partner Search Ads

1) Search for business partners managed by the advertiser itself

  • Search process managed by the advertiser
  • Potential partners will contact advertisers directly via email or telephone
  • Price: free advertisement and no commission
  • Possibility of advertiser confidentiality


Partner Search Service

2) Partner search service conducted by Bolsa Portugal Negócios

  • Disclosure on the business opportunity opportunity website
  • Total confidentiality of stakeholders
  • Research and research of targets for partnership
  • Reporting of contacts made
  • We require a fee for initial expenses and documentation + commission (if successful).

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of each client.


Professional Counseling for Partner Procurement

We develop search services for partners and investors.

Buying a company is a professional job. Contact us to advise on the purchase of a company