Prices of services practiced

Ad prices

Featured Ads Gold Ad - 12 months on the first page

Ad Duration 12 months

€ 50
Standard ad

Silver Ad - 3 months on the first page

Ad Duration 3 months

€ 20

Standard Economic Ad

Bronze Ad - 1 month on the first page

Ad Duration 1 month

€ 10

free ad

Free ad - 1 month

Ad Duration - 1 month

€ 0


Commissions on contracting services for sale or purchase

Applicable when the business is not carried out by the advertiser or are requested the personalized services of a professional of Bolsa Portugal Negócios

Transaction Values


€ 500.000

€ 1.000.000


€ 1.000.000

€ 2.500.000


Greater than 2.500.000 €




Plano Bolsa Portugal Business

Custom services

We offer high quality and low cost services. Personalized advisory, advisory and disclosure services are set on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of services, required interests or results achieved.

Plano Bolsa Portugal Business


Diagnosis / preparation of professional presentation (English and Portuguese)

Setting and selecting targets

€ 5.000


Preparation of sales strategy / acquisition

Marketing and personalized contacts

Investigation of buyers or


Meetings, travels, negotiations


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