Purchase of companies

Preparing to buy a business

Buy or start a business? to acquire a franchise?

Before making the decision to move forward to the purchase of a company, it is important to gather as much information as possible to take the most correct attitude. Being the secret "the soul of the business", possessing inside information about the sector, market, customers and profitability could be the difference between a successful project and one of failure.


We advise the decision to invest (purchase or creation of company)

We develop a service tailored to clients, whether small investors or medium-sized companies. We set the stage to start a business, we created the conditions to buy. We advise when not to buy a company, we advise not to do ruinous business, we evaluate the risks in a predictive way.

Buying a company is a procedure not an event!

Always consult with a business professional about the decision to invest.

Before moving forward, there are vital steps in the buying process that must be taken care of, because a company is, after all, a life project! Being an entrepreneur, and working on your own, is the ambition of thousands of people. But all opportunities should be very well analyzed and considered, always with the awareness that one should try to acquire a company where success and risk are properly evaluated.


Do not argue on your own - use independent and professional opinions

Before acquiring a company the buyer must study the competition, knowing the results and factors of success (or failure)!

  • The buyer must have the necessary capacity and experience;
  • The buyer has to outline a strategy and a business plan;
  • The buyer must have capable human resources;
  • The buyer has to gather a sufficient weight of equity;

We have worked from scratch to predict the feasibility and risk of investment


Advantages of buying an existing business:

  • The company's market experience can help reduce initial capital;
  • More than half of companies fail in the first 2 to 3 years of life, due to lack of concept, capital and / or maladministration; in existing companies, financial performance, the market, products and / or services can be examined in advance;
  • The employees trained in the company can be important in the constitution of the new team, namely in reducing the time that usually this procedure requires;
  • Licenses, concessions, permits and other records contribute to saving time and money;
  • Established clients ensure the maintenance of the company while planning a new marketing strategy;
  • Banks prefer to work with companies that have a track record;


Therefore, finding a good company for acquisition requires a lot of knowledge, and the process must be accompanied by specialized professionals.

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