Commercial and Industrial Prospecting Services

Market Intelligence Services

We carry out prospecting services, focusing on strategies in terms of quality and profitability. We direct the exploration of the offer of products or services where there is a propensity to buy or consume.


For companies interested in exporting, entering new markets, subcontracting, investing, changing operations, producing or distributing in Portugal:

The market prospecting work has direct impacts on the company's results

  • We prepare marketing strategies through commercial prospecting;
  • We evaluate sectoral and regional specificities and study the legal constraints / processes that condition a successful entry;


We carry out market entry services through consulting services tailored to customer needs:

  • Research and analysis on companies, products and activities;
  • Analysis of sectors by economic and financial criteria;
  • Business competition research (customers, products and business process);
  • Study and collection of market data, auditing of products and services;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Search for business partners (distributors, suppliers, franchisors);
  • Studies to introduce new products or services;
  • Evaluation and study of investment opportunities;
  • Arranging business visits and conducting business contacts;


Only after this process is complete should one begin to sell.

Market research has a huge impact on results.