Alliances & joint Venturesto merge

Procurement of business partners

International partner search for alliances or joint ventures

We look for the "business pair" best suited to your company and strategy

  • In a first step, we collect all the information about your business and products, to plan the approach strategy;
  • In a second phase, we define contact targets based on business, product, market and size. Through our databases, we conduct a worldwide survey to locate the most suitable partners;
  • In the third phase, we contacted the companies identified by telephone and checked their interest in setting up and operating partnerships. We visit and professionally present the solutions we propose;
  • In the final stage, we prepare a report summarizing the results, strategies to be developed, details of the identified companies and the executives contacted.


Need to find a partner or investor

We contact target partners confidentially to gauge the potential interest in a partnership or joint investment

We offer "BPN Private International" service for businessmen looking for foreign partners or buyers for their companies in the international market.

In order to contract this services, it is essential to hire "Advisor" services and to elaborate the evaluation work and the offer memorandum, in addition to signing an exclusive mandate for a period of at least 12 months.

We deliver personally to potential buyers and the networkBizMaketZone

Phases of the BPN plan for partner procurement or investors

  • Collection of information
  • Insert international ad
  • Elaboration of professional presentation of the opportunity
  • Procurement buyers or investors
  • Personalized Contacts with Investors
  • Contact Report and Developments


Need to find a partner or promote a project?

For companies interested in exporting, gaining new markets, subcontracting, investing, changing their operations, producing or distributing, Bolsa Portugal Negócios offers complete services for market entry through consultancy tailored to customer needs:

  • Research and analysis on companies, products and activities;
  • Analysis of sectors by economic and financial criteria;
  • Business competition research (customers, products and business process);
  • Study and collection of market data, auditing of products and services;
  • Analysis of critical success factors and competitiveness;
  • Preparation of market forecasts;
  • Search for business partners (distributors, suppliers, franchisors);
  • Studies to introduce new products or services;
  • Evaluation and study of investment opportunities;
  • Arranging business visits and conducting business contacts;
  • Mystery investor;


Identification, local and international evaluation of business partners

Entering new markets or products can result from partnerships with companies that bring strong complementarities and synergies. If you need a partner with a strong presence in the market, with advanced production knowledge or recognized business culture we can help you identify the right partner to grow your business.

Joint ventures facilitate acquisition or merger operations

Search and location of partners for agreements on:

  • Feedstock;
  • Capital;
  • Technology;
  • Distribution channels;
  • Sales;
  • Know-how;


Bolsa Portugal Negócios develops a segmented research of partners for the structuring of business and implementation of joint strategies. We confidently research international partners for the development of alliances, partnerships, agreements or joint ventures. We advise and structure joint ventures, facilitating correctly structured alliances, with a clear definition of each partner's competencies, obligations and economic rights.

We research, evaluate and contact qualified partners

Specialized consultancy to carry out joint ventures:

  • Foreign investment;
  • Specific accounting;
  • Taxation;
  • Scratchs;
  • Contractual negotiation;

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