Sell ​​company


Services made available to sell a company

Various selling options:

Selling mediated by the advertiser


1) Selling the company mediated by the advertiser itself

  • Sales process managed by the seller (seller)
  • Sellers will be contacted directly interested parties via email or telephone
  • There are no sales commissions payable to Bolsa Portugal Negócios
  • Possibility of insertion of free and paid ads


Sale brokered by the Portugal Business Exchange

2) Sale of the company mediated by Bolsa Portugal Negócios

  • Press Releases
  • Total confidentiality of companies and owners
  • Buyer management and evaluation
  • Reporting of contacts received
  • Ad has no costs
  • Payment of one suceess fee in case of sale


Procurement international network to attract investors, partners, alliances and joint ventures

3) International Disclosure Process

  • International ad insertion
  • Elaboration of professional presentation in different languages
  • Definition of strategies to attract interest
  • Search and analysis of ideal targets
  • Identification of decision-makers and buyers
  • Custom Placement and Disclosure of Opportunities
  • Realization of personalized international contacts
  • Payment of a hiring fee plus sales commission

We offer solutions tailored to each client's needs

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